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Creative graphic design and art, fueled by passion, communication, and technology

Lisa Greenleaf grew up in the small coastal town of Manchester By-the-Sea, MA and on the shores of Province Lake, NH where she was inspired by the many sights, sounds and the love of the ocean and White Mountains. From a very early age she discovered her passion for drawing, painting and creating, which helped her develop and harness her many gifts, talents and insights.


Lisa is a Sr. graphic designer, creative director, award-winning, author/illustrator, and a fine art artist. She has worked as a freelance/contract designer for 15 years providing clients, ranging from individuals to large corporations, with full graphic design services, bookdesigning/publishing, illustrations, fine art, website designs and marketing needs. Her background and knowledge in the corporate and art worlds have given Lisa additional perspectives that help companies establish a brand and visual identity that stands out from the competition.


Lisa has illustrated, adapted, written, designed, and helped publish over 30 books. She is a member of the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators She has also been featured in newspapers, TV, radio, art shows and book events. Lisa is an accomplished motivational speaker and has made many presentations at events and programs, sharing her stories, anecdotes, inspirational messages, music and tools that she incorporates throughout her work and daily life.


When Lisa takes a little break from her artsy sides, you can find her cuddling up with her adorable puppy or kayaking and paddleboarding along the NH and MA rivers and shores. In the evenings, she is frequently singing and playing her ukulele at open mic venues or performing at gigs with her husband Bob.


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